Our Customers

Doctor offices, fitness clubs, bed & breakfast, uniforms, wellness centers, guest suites, gyms, yoga, caterers, restaurants, massage centers, daycares, party and events venues, hotels, government offices, sport team uniforms,etc

Emergency Laundry Service

We have regular customers as well as clients who count on us when issues such as machine breakdown, staff shortages, larger than normal volume of business occur.

Area of Service

Toronto, York Region and surroundings

Contact us today to see if we service your area.

Our Prices

Different factors such as the weight and volume of the orders, type of items to be cleaned, and the difficulty (stains etc.) of the cleaning process effect our fee. We usually do a sample load so we can determine the best possible price.

Turn Around Time

As fast as next day.

Contact us today for more information.

Wash, Dry, Fold and Package

towels-all sizes, pillow cases, flat linens, any type of bed cover, table cloths (toppers, rounds, squares, banquet), napkins, chair covers, smocks, patient gowns, aprons, chef coats, dish towels, uniforms, etc

Ironing and Pressing

Available upon request at extra cost.

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