We have different pricing for different type of industry.

Contact us today for more information and discounts available.


$2.00/lb - a minimum of $65.00 is required

Discounts are given to regular clients and bulk service.  Contact us today.

Specialty Items - wash & fold

Sleeping bags; comforters; rugs; down duvets; pillows; and all other bulky items are priced by piece.  Contact us today for more information

Special service

Ironing and pressing also available.


2 Piece Suit - $16.99 & up

3 Piece Suit - $24.99 & up

Pants - $6.99 & up

Blouse - $9.99 & up

Dress  - $19.99 & up

Skirt  - $6.99 & up

Sweater - $9.99 & up

Shirt - $4.99 & up

Shorts - $4.99 & up

Rain Coat - $19.99 & up

Full Length Coat - $27.99 & up

Heavy Jacket - $29.99 & up

Sport Coat / Blazer - $14.99 & up

Vest - $9.99 & up

Robe - $19.99 & up

& up: for specialty items such as beading, special brand and care, material, etc

All prices are subject to change without notice.

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